Buy Spiral Bound at Lulu.com

1.  Who is Lulu.com? 

  • Lulu is the largest distributor of independent books.
  • Lulu prints high quality spiral bound books.
  • Lulu offers outstanding customer support.
  • Lulu frequently offers generous discounts.

    2.  What is the best way to search for KlevaKids books on Lulu?

    • Go to the KlevaKids "Author Spotlight"
    • Enter words from title in "Search" feature
    • Use browser back arrow after buy selections

    3.  Does Lulu accept purchase orders?

    • Yes, complete a credit application when opening an account.
    • Your authorized purchasing agent will receive email confirmation of purchases.
    • When purchasing 100 or more books, call 844-212-0689 for a custom quote.
    4.  Does Lulu honor sales tax exemptions?
    • Yes, Lulu will ask for proof of tax exempt status.
    • Also, if you already made a purchase you may get a sales tax credit.