Dialogic Reading

Dialogic Reading Series
Lighting a path to learning
Dialogic reading is a method of shared interactive reading through dialog (conversation). After years of research, KlevaKids developed a unique format to encourage language, literacy, and vocabulary skills. KlevaKids’ books incorporate science concepts in a rhyming format that is interactive, informative, and entertaining. Each book comes complete with developmentally appropriate prompts that allow for rich interaction between the storyteller and child. These stories are fun and suitable for preschool and early school age children.
The KlevaKids format promotes:
     Science through inquiry, discovery, observation, and experiments
     Math such as counting and patterns
     Language arts like sounds, word recognition, and vocabulary
     Executive functions including self-regulation and cooperation
     Gross motor skills expressed through movement
     Fine motor skills guided by art activities
Science themes connect children to other early school age learning objectives. This advances the opportunity to experience science as part of an integrated learning process.

Enjoy the videos of our YouTube PowerPoint  presentations below from our workshop series: